I remember the exact moment that I knew I wanted to be an actress. I was in my 7th grade play of “Oliver” as Mrs. Corney. I remember being on stage and amazing feeling coming over me which felt like I was home. My family and I moved to the US from Russia when I was 8 years old. It was difficult for me to make the transition to this new world. I did not speak English and felt like an outsider. I remember kids making fun of meth  because I was so different. But that all changed when I discovered theatre. I finally felt like I was really good at something and it gave me confidence.

I decided to pursue my passion by working towards a BA in Theatre at UGA. This was the happiest time in my life. I was doing what I loved and made life long friends who shared my passion. After graduating, I found a job as a preschool teacher and realized I had two passions: theatre and kids. I loved working with kids. It gave me so much joy to see them develop throughout the year. I was amazed at how much love kids can bring to your life and I decided I would also become a teacher. I obtained a teaching certificate for grades K-5 which led me to a 25 year teaching career both in public and private schools. I realized I can teach and do acting as well and participated in many plays through the years Fast forward to 6 years ago when I became a kindergarten teacher at IPS. I fell in love with the this magical age and realized I could use my acting talents to make learning exciting for kids. 

Last year, I created a drama program geared specifically for kids ages 4-6. I did some research and learned that there are many programs for older kids but not as many for the little ones. I’ve witnessed over the years the magical way kids see the world and it inspired me to use both my passions together to provide kids with an environment where they can explore their creativity. If just one child discovers a life long passion for acting, then my job is done. Come play with us at  Stars On Stage Kids!