Here are some of the many reasons we believe it is important for your kids to get involved with theater.

Theatre is a great way for children to further develop empathy and compassion. Kids learn to become a character by observing others. Observing the people around them gives kids the chance to understand different perspectives and lifestyles. This deepens their awareness in the similarities we have as humans and creates more empathy and compassion for the differences.

Theatre also builds confidence and self esteem through creativity. It allows children to discover themselves in a positive environment. It allows them to come out of their box in new and exciting ways. Being on stage builds their confidence in a way that they are able to be comfortable speaking up in front of people in the future.

Theatre can be therapeutic and helpful to children’s self expression. Through games, songs/dance, and acting kids are able to express themselves in a new way. This gives them the chance to relate to and be inspired by characters from different stories.