I lost my mother as a child in a tragedy that shook me to my core. Even though I was surrounded by love from the rest of my family and seemed a happy child, I buried my sadness and anger deep within myself. I began acting in high school. Theatre for me started as a way to be someone else without the problems I contained inside. I was able to drop everything I was dealing with to take on someone else’s happiness and sorrows.

As time went on and I dove deeper into theatre, I learned to open up. To act is to be in touch with all the emotions we have, which taught me to listen to and understand what I had bottled up for so long. It taught me sadness and anger are okay, but they can’t be ignored. It showed me a way to explore these emotions and look at them through a different lens.

Life could have been very dark for me, and I know I’m not alone in this. I am so thankful I found acting as a way to connect and express my feelings. To me, acting has saved my life. It is my hope now that I can share my love for acting with kids so no kid will feel alone in whatever darkness they hold.